Mustang Fuel Marketing Company

“Providing Fuel for the Future”

Mustang Fuel Marketing Team

Mustang Fuel Marketing Company was formed in 1990 as a marketing subsidiary of Mustang Fuel Corporation and has since evolved to one of the most trusted and recognized gas marketing companies in the Mid-Continent Region. We understand producer’s marketing needs from the wellhead, pool level, or plant tailgate, and the complexities of marketing natural gas in today’s capacity-constrained market.

Some advantages of selling with us include:

  • Personalized Service – including first purchaser tax remittance, expert gas control and agent representation on upstream gathering agreements.
  • Faster Payment – including payment by the end of the month following the production month.
  • Credit Assurance – including strict credit policies with all our counterparty markets thus giving added assurance on payment.
  • Better Control – including the assurance of timely nominations to the pipeline and accurate sales every day.

Reduce Your Natural Gas Costs!