Mustang Gas Products, LLC

In 2002, Mustang acquired gas gathering and processing assets covering producing areas in ten Oklahoma counties. These assets were combined with Mustang’s existing Spring Valley System in North Central Oklahoma to form Mustang Gas Products, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mustang Fuel Corporation.

This asset consolidation permitted Mustang to increase operating efficiencies and expand prospecting opportunities for adding gas supply to its systems. Long-standing relationships with producers in its service areas have allowed Mustang to successfully expand its proven service methods to a ten-county area.

Mustang owns and operates five cryogenic gas facilities located in Garfield, Major, Kingfisher, and Caddo Counties in Oklahoma. These systems gather gas through over 4,000 miles of pipeline to supply plants with a high processing capacity.

Mustang has over 60 years of experience operating natural gas midstream assets in Oklahoma. This extensive history in addition to Mustang’s E&P activities, provides Mustang with a fundamental understanding of not only the issues faced by natural gas producers in Oklahoma but also the geology of the region.